Here is a small sample of audio projects I have completed over the years. These are either journalistic ventures, or creative endeavors.



Light, Stone, Water and Wood: Earth Sonnets in the Key of Life – 2011

This 44-minute CD, aided by my wife’s musical editing, captured a years-long process of communing with nature during the four seasons in the lush mountains of North Carolina.  A photo project, utilizing images from locations to which the sonnets referred, has had exhibitions in Brevard and Mars Hill College that accompanied this CD production.

The CD reflects the four seasons, with one from each posted below:

SPRING: Spring’s Golden Green Thrones 

SUMMER: Every Flower a Flare 

AUTUMN: A Spirited Autumnal Spear 

WINTER: Natural Abstraction 



AARP Features – 2004

AARP Radio requested features in which I interviewed interesting or notable figures over the age of 55, so as to provide the retired community with examples of extraordinary individuals in the prime of their lives, even 5 decades in:

Joseph Lowery, a Civil Rights veteran

Eugene Bianchi, an Emory professor, author, and ex-Catholic bishop

Doug Elliot, an herbalist and folk medicine man from the North Carolina mountains

Free Speech Radio News – 2002 – 03

As a stringer for Free Speech Radio News, I created interviews that highlighted the work of people and organizations who battled for a better, more just world:

School of the Americas Watch  

Mary Olsen, anti-nuclear activist  


Radio Blogging

Solidarity Forever Radio – 2014 – present

A project of the National Writers Union At-Large Chapter, Solidarity Forever radio is a 30 minute call in talk show program where we seek to discuss Union matters, politics, and current events. Links to some of the many episodes posted here:

January 26th Episode – Howdy Howdy Let’s Get Rowdy Solidarity Forever Radio 

December 15th Episode – Howdy Howdy Solidarity Forever Radio 

October 16th Episode – Howdy Howdy Solidarity Forever Radio



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