Video Works

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Art & Resilience – scripted by Jim Hickey, edited by Alicia Araya

“Decrying Death” – a Jim Hickey ‘thought of the day’ and edited by Alicia Araya

Jim reads one of the wood art pieces we create under the banner “Marshall Arts”. Video edited by Alicia Araya

another wood art reading video

An Appalachian Amble with Freddie Henderson – In late June of 2011, we went down to Freddie Henderson’s house to pick up the art that we, as Marshall Arts, spent the summer and fall promoting, both in Madison County and elsewhere.

“Sub Prime Blues–Redux” – A video production from 2008 seeking to revive an old FDR campaign song for the Obama campaign

Kickstarter Epic Painting Project Campaign video – filmed and script by Jim Hickey. We created this video in Winter 2011 to draw attention to the Kickstarter project we were seeking funding for Alicia Araya’s painting project.