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Chapter Thirty




Contribution is what everyone wants at the bottom of things, since that guarantees both the fundamental needs of power and happiness and the ephemeral desires of love, respect, money and so forth: thus, the primary evil of monopoly finance capital is that it utterly prohibits people’s participating and figuring out how to give back and all of that.

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This final chapter actually began with close to twelve hours of wakeful output when sleep normally intercedes.  What we’d normally imagine as a day only started as dusk was creeping up on the horizon.  Jimbo extracted himself around five from bed, a six hour nap, whereas Alicia was only up a little before six thirty.

Fourteen chapters in a few hours unfold without incident.  Blood at one end of the month leads to blood at the other end.  Perhaps, in the vein of the blue moon, this is a blue-blood transit.

Here’s a note to Ms. Sandra, whose new screenplay project is a ‘sex-addiction’ schtick, which, given her recent receipt of LuLu, is interesting indeed.


What fun!

Before I press ‘send,’ I’ll do as you say.  Let’s start thinking about how to network such minimal but useful mutual support.  I gave this five stars and ‘followed.’  Let me know if anything else would be useful.

New York was as always incredible.  The NWU meeting was perhaps not quite so awesome but incredibly interesting; I’ll be sending out a note to the Chapter soon.

I’ll send your announcement on both the Daily Links and my upcoming Contributria outreach.  Let’s keep talking.

Thanks so much, Solidarity Forever, &

Ciao for now,

Here’s the comment that I tried to leave, though I’m not sure that my attempt worked.  Ah well.

“If sex addiction exists, then food addiction does too.  What about ‘air addiction’ or sleep addiction?

Keeping such thoughts in mind while scripting will help deliver a socially useful screenplay.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.”

Here’s an interesting thought about the passive voice, which soon enough should publish.  Contributoria is some high-concept shit.


What Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. called “studied ambiguity” might serve the purposes of legislative drafters seeking to avoid specificity that could fracture a fragile majority coalition. Studied ambiguity might also serve the purposes of a lawyer whose client seeks to feel out the other parties early in a negotiation.


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