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Chapter Twenty-Nine


Costa Rican Frog


The inevitability of reification in writing, of making supposedly real occurrence from words that symbolize speech that symbolizes thoughts and feelings yet consists of breath and friction, can cause doubt of such intensity that the path of the recluse begins to look really dandy: after all, if the best result possible is just more bullshit, why exactly are we bothering?

Crossing fingers over deadlines, keeping Jimbo’s eyes on the road and focus on the work, here we go.  ‘Today’ begins between ten and eleven on Saturday, and in the typical way of conceptualizing a day—from rising to bedding down again—ends after eleven A.M. Sunday. 

In between, lusty loving happens.  Completion of the Grammar Nerd occurs.  And, though the possibility at times seemed touch and go, with Alicia’s desire for a warm bed almost insuperable, Victor Jara goes to bed, so to speak, before we do.


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