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Chapter Twenty-Eight


Photograph by Rama, Wikimedia Commons

Photograph by Rama, Wikimedia Commons


Practically always, the fetishistic focus on figuring out the exact nature of any particular conspiracy guarantees that one will never figure out what regular people like us should do; on the contrary, insisting that some plot and its uncovering is the source of all that is real promises those in charge that we will always avoid coming up with our own agendas.

After finally falling into the depths of Morpheus’ realm, Jimbo extracts himself to continue scribbling away.  He and Alicia hang at the Haydens in order to talk with Uncle Jumper, who as things turn out was a backer of Pinocet till he watched a torture session and responded to a commie beauty’s come-on to become a double-agent do-jour. 

His jumping the wall came when something or other—his lovely’s capture and disappearance, since her spilling all beans to end the pain was a given—blew his cover.  Thus, the family’s connection with Europe grew out of a Pinochet traitor’s needing a quick getaway.

Back home, the work is so intense that, despite insane cold, we keep going without even thinking about lighting fires.  The goal is in sight.



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