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Chapter Twenty-Four

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Writing this shit, Jimbo watched the above two videos, both of which float some boats and basically generate fascist agendas while creating narratives full of provocative ideas and important data.  What happened last Monday? 

One things was that the little miracle of the defective pump bellows caused our pump to begin to run constantly.  We threatened to call James beginning tonight, though that doesn’t yet happen.

Learning about Chile, and reentering the Latin universe that so long dominated Jimbo’s thinking, is amazing.  These characters tantalize.  The Eros that Chile promotes in and of itself is worth the price of admission.

Anyhow, ‘missing crucial aspects’ can’t be correct.  Or can it?

Driving and crying are much more frequent these days.  We finally got our claim for per-diem and such out to NWU.  Now we’ll see.


A Thought for the Day


When epic storms threaten to capsize humanity’s collective ship of fate, our joint choices dictate much more than mere matters of many lives or deaths to become issues of social transcendence versus species extinction.


Quote of the Day

“As for your doctrines I am prepared to go to the Stake if requisite … I trust you will not allow yourself to be in any way disgusted or annoyed by the considerable abuse & misrepresentation which unless I greatly mistake is in store for you… And as to the curs which will bark and yelp – you must recollect that some of your friends at any rate are endowed with an amount of combativeness which (though you have often & justly rebuked it) may stand you in good stead – I am sharpening up my claws and beak in readiness.”  Thomas H. Huxley to Charles Darwin upon the latter’s decision to publish On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection:


This Day in History

Among certain cognoscenti, today is Evolution Day; shortly after his rise to the throne, sixteen hundred thirty-four years ago, the last emperor to rule over both the Eastern and Western Roman Empire, Theodosius, formally entered Constantinople as leader; five hundred eighty-five years back Joan of Arc began an ultimately unsuccessful siege at La Charite; three hundred eighty-two years ago, meanwhile, the male infant who matured as philosopher and scientist Baruch Spinoza came into the world; the Texas Rangers, essentially a vigilante force of the Texas Provisional Government, first came into existence a hundred seventy-nine years prior to the present pass; one hundred fifty-five years ago, Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species; the baby boy who grew up to become the ‘motivational’ speaker and author Dale Carnegie was born one hundred twenty-six years back; ninety-seven years before the here and now, a bomb in Milwaukee killed nine City Policeman; a male child was born eighty-nine years ago into an upper-crust life that led him to publish the National Review and write many volumes as William F. Buckley; eighty-two years back the Federal Bureau of Investigation initiated its Scientific Crime-Detection Laboratory; Diego Rivera, the famed painter and Communist, died in his native Mexico fifty-seven years prior to this day; the infant girl who became the acclaimed writer, Arundhati Roy, took her first breath fifty-three years ago; the British Broadcasting Corporation’s humorous program, That Was the Week That Was, precisely one year subsequently, began its run; a year later, U.S. television carried the first broadcast murder when Jack Ruby—soon conveniently to die of cancer—shot erstwhile assassin Lee Harvey Oswald on camera, two days after a crossfire had ended the life of President Kennedy; a short-lived imposition of an Autobahn speed limit started in the midst of the ‘Oil Price Crisis’ forty-one years ago, not lasting even a month before its termination; three hundred sixty-five days hence, in 1974, two scientists in Ethiopia exhumed a nearly half-complete female skeleton of Australopithecus Afarensis, which they soon dubbed ‘Lucy,’ a close match to the sought-after missing link; renowned ethicist and philosopher John Rawls died twelve years ago; two years back, over a hundred textile workers died in a fire in a grotesquely unsafe factory in Bangladesh; just a year later, in 2013, Iran and its Western disciplinarians signed a temporary nuclear agreement that eased sanctions and reduced the risk of a possibly incendiary war in Southwest Asia.


“latin america” “united states” empire intervention OR aggression OR invasion murder OR corruption OR profiteering history “political economy” analysis = 2,380,000 Citations.


REFORM’S REQUISITE MAY BE REVOLUTION     An OpEdNews posting about the current state of deflection, dissolution, and repression that confronts those who would build a better society, and how only “professional revolutionists” stand a chance in hell of having much impact under such circumstances: “(E)nvironmental, economic and political grass-roots movements, largely unseen by the wider society, … have severed themselves from the formal structures of power.   They have formed collectives and nascent organizations dedicated to overthrowing the corporate state. They eschew the rigid hierarchical structures of past revolutionary movements — although this may change — for more amorphous collectives.  Plato referred to professional revolutionists as his philosophers.  John Calvin called them his saints.  Machiavelli called them his Republican Conspirators.  Lenin labeled them his Vanguard.  All revolutionary upheavals are built by these entities.”


book hor2



A TruthOut crossposting of an NWU adherent’s recent report on the situation in Ukraine, from a historical perspective.


NANOTECHNOLOGY OPPORTUNITIES    From the National Science Foundation, a portal to requested proposals in nanotechnology: “The European Research Area (ERA-NET) is a coordination activity funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Program.  The main objective of an ERA-NET is to provide a framework to network and mutually open national or regional research programs, leading to concrete cooperations, such as the development and implementation of joint transnational calls.  The ERA-NET for Safe Implementation of Innovative Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ERA-NET SIINN) is putting out a call to encourage joint U.S.-European collaborations focusing on the environmental and health effects of manufactured nanomaterial (MNMs) in 4 topic areas.”

NSF WEBINAR DECEMBER 3   An opportunity to take part in a free exchange about cognitive science: “NSF invites you to attend a webinar introducing the new Integrative Strategies for Understanding Neural and Cognitive Systems program (NSF-NCS, NSF- 14-611) on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST. If you wish to participate in this webinar, you must register for it at:”

EURO-AMERICAN ROBOTIC COLLABORATION    Further Dear Colleague notes from the National Science Foundation, encouraging applications for funding to support robotics research that ties together American and European efforts: “Over the last few years, significant investments have been made by the NSF and European Commission (EC) to develop infrastructure for doing robotics-related research. In many instances, complementary capabilities exist at US and EU institutions. Synergistic partnerships between NSF-funded and EC-funded robotics researchers can provide new opportunities for advancing the field of robotics.”


HARM-REDUCTION INSTEAD OF DRUG-WAR    An Atlantic Media piece, from CityLab, about a Vancouver experiment with prescription Heroin–untried in North America but common in Europe–as an antidote to organized crime, corruption of police, fascist governmental tactics, and rampant death and harm among users and adjacent populations: “Following a clinical trial involving 26 subjects, doctors at the city’s Providence Medical Clinic have earned permission to provide doses of the drug to a group of 120 severe addicts.  The decision followed a lengthy back-and-forth with Rona Ambrose, Canada’s federal Health Secretary, who opposes the policy.”


UNEXPECTED POETS     A Library of Congress Catbird’s Seat blog that encourages the use of primary sources in seeking to contextualize an ‘urge to poetry,’ so to speak: “Bringing primary sources into the poetry and literature classroom and library is one way to foster student engagement, develop critical thinking skills, and build content knowledge.  My goal in this blog series is to offer teaching suggestions connected to specific writers and their work using rich materials from the Library’s collections.  Not everyone who writes poetry calls themselves a poet.  Sometimes people who are well known for a vastly different area of expertise–such as politics, activism, or science–write poetry for pleasure.  Students may be surprised by these poems from historical figures.  Consider the poem “My Childhood-Home I See Again,” written by Abraham Lincoln in 1846 when he was 37 years old and a member of the Illinois House of Representatives.  Offer students the original in Lincoln’s handwriting, but access the transcription to analyze the content of the poem.”


AN IN-DEPTH CONTEXTUALIZATION OF INTERRELATIONSHIP     An assessment from The Edge about the underpinnings of our inherently “entwined fates” and how addressing these connections is a sine qua non of social viability: “I’m a political scientist, political economist, so I think about this not so much from the perspective of moral reasoning, or philosophy, or psychology for that matter—though all those disciplines come into play in my thinking—but I think about it in terms of the institutional arrangements and contextual arrangements in which people find themselves.  It is about those that evoke certain behaviors as opposed to other kinds of behaviors, and certain attitudes as opposed to other kinds of attitudes, that ultimately lead to actions.   I’m ultimately interested not just in how the individual’s mind works, but how individual minds work together to create an aggregate outcome.”


HALF-A-LOAF IMMIGRATION MEASURES     A sobering examination from New Yorker about the police-state persistence and arbitrary parameters for inclusion in President Obama’s recent executive action in regard to immigration, points that many fierce proponents of reform decry as antithetical to justice, efficiency, and human decency: “‘For me, there’s not going to be any benefit,’ Vera told me.  He said that he had moved to the U.S. earlier this year after some of his relatives were killed, and he feared for his safety if he had to return.  ‘I haven’t been here for long, and I don’t have children,’ Vera said.  Not only was he unlikely to benefit from Obama’s executive actions, his lawyer, Nilou Khonsari of Pangea Legal Services in San Francisco, had explained that they could actually be bad for him.  ‘I came here fleeing from violence in Mexico, and now they want to send me back,’ Vera told me.”


CONTINUED, & INCREASING, UKRAINIAN MAYHEM   From the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, a seventh report on the devolving situation in Ukraine, one of many( recent assessments of the conflicts that threaten to worsen catastrophically there: “Despite the ceasefire, which entered into force on 5 September, hostilities in the east and related human rights violations and abuses continued.  On 19 September, in Minsk, the Trilateral Contact Group, with political representatives of the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk people’s Republic,’ and the self-proclaimed ‘Luhansk people’s republic’ agreed on a Memorandum to implement ‘the Peace Plan of the President of Ukraine and the initiatives of the President of the Russian Federation.’  Despite the announcement of ‘silent regimes’ by the Ukrainian Government (on 5 and 7 October) and by the ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ (on 11 October), violations of the ceasefire were reported by the Ukrainian security forces and the armed groups.  Fighting was particularly severe around the Donetsk airport, Debaltseve and Mariupol (Donetsk region), and Shchastia (Luhansk region), causing casualties among civilians, military servicemen, and members of the armed groups.  On average 13 people were killed every day between 6 September and 31 October.”



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