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Chapter Twenty-Two


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Completion is ever the basis for inception: even death merely inaugurates various post-mortems, from bacterial to cultural; every other ‘ending’ leads to new work, new struggle, and so forth.

The fifty-first anniversary of the first modern Presidential-assassination-conspiracy unfolds today.  This yields plentiful thinking, with internal dialogs with Sir Douglas, about the way that practically everything in existence now is the manifestation of one conspiratorial turn or another.

The track to Victor Jara has opened up now.  Will it yield fruit?  Certainly that is the goal. 

LakeImagingShowers and then loving fun, a two-backed beast with heads and asses intertwined.  What awesome frenzied yum. 

“I repeat, there is no famine in China,” said Francois Mitterand.  David Rockefeller’s “From a China Traveler” too.  Corbett’s sanctimony is of course noisome, but the tidbits are part of what folks must note.

Shopping, collecting from Contributoria, building cash, engaging money-management protocols, and readying for a vortex of production are the order of the day.  Networking and ‘putting ourselves out there’ in the ongoing global dialog are also the order of the day.  Tikkun’s work in setting up ‘Town Meetings’ is an example of this, and dozens of other cases are also present, were we more organized and potent.

This very brief chapter inevitably follows from realities of deadlines.  So there!!


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